Salads- How to create your very own Salad Garden

by Saladseekers

With the price of produce going up on a daily basis and all the food safety issues that make the news it only makes sense to create your own garden. If you have a love for salads it can be hard finding delicious, refreshing veggies to go in your salad at the local grocery store. My solution to that is to plant your own salad garden. I am going to give you some quick and easy steps to achieve a source for all your scrumptious salads.

First step to creating a salad is grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Sit down and write down all the ingredients from the best salad you ever had. Then take it a step further and write down all the other veggies and fruit you would like to include in your salad. Ex, cherry tomatoes, peppers, garlic, chives, cilantro. What about edible flowers.mmm. that sounds good. Now that you have completed this step you know what to look for when it comes to planting your garden.

Next step is to decide if you are going to plant the garden outside or if you want to do a container garden. For container gardens you will want to check out the article titled How to start a Container Garden. For now we will start you outside. So, you want to take a look outside around your home you are looking for a space that is sunny and close to a water source. Ideally 4 foot by 4 foot. If you have to sacrifice something when picking a spot, sacrifice the water source, you can always buy a longer water hose. Once you have located a place in your yard, you want to fill that space with good organic compost or a high quality soil mix with nitrogen rich fertilizer.

Ok now grab your piece of paper with the ingredients of your fabulous delicious salad. For this garden you will have 16 one foot sections. Each one of these sections can house one of the following.

4 lettuce plants (plant a variety)

6 onions,

2 spinach plants

4 marigold plants

2 chard sets

1 Tomato Plant

6 garlic sets

2 cucumber plants

6 chive sets

16 carrot plants

4 herb sets (plant a variety)

Bell Pepper sets

Sketch out on your piece of paper your sixteen squares and where you would like for which veggie to go. If you are planting lettuce,

Now let’s get to planting. You want to plant your tomatoes and your taller plants to the east. That way they will not block the sun. Also, make sure you keep enough space to use a pretty herb trellis. One you have all of your items planted. Keep the area well watered.

As your lettuce starts to grow, you will harvest them pretty quickly. Once you get approximately 8 to 10 leaves, you can use them for your salad. Just leave about 3 or 4 leaves so they can regenerate. If you planted marigolds you can harvest them once the heads start to open up. Do not miss out on the benefits of marigolds both for your garden and salad. They keep your garden pest free and they are very tasty in your salads.

Really that is all there is to creating a salad garden. You will want to harvest as soon as your vegetables are ready. Clearing the way for you to clean the soil or compost up and plant more. Continue to water your garden. Viola, you now have your very own salad garden.

This is a guest post from Erica Johnson of Erica’s Blog provides a fresh insight to Home Garden’s, offering tips and news on easy gardening that provides nutritious benefits as well as helps you keep more money in your pocket by growing your own food.

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