Tips for Tossed Salads

by Saladseekers

Most people think a tossed salad should be lettuce, tomatoes, and a few garnishments thrown into a salad bowl. Here are a few tips to make your tossed salad a hit at your next family gathering!


- Always handle salad greens with care.

- Wash, drain and dry greens before storing and chill the greens quite well before using.

- To core lettuce, hit the stem head with the end down on the counter top and twist the core out.

- Tear the greens into bite size pieces with your hands instead of using a knife. Metal will make your greens turn brown faster than just tearing with your hands.

- Do not cut tomatoes for a tossed salad. The juice from the tomato will thin your salad dressing and wilt your tomatoes. Instead, use cherry tomatoes in your salad for a nice flavor and to preserve your delicious salad recipe.

- If you are using cucumbers, be careful for highly polished skins. The cucumbers probably have been waxed. Slice the skin off and then add the cucumbers to your healthy salad.

- Use wild greens such as dandelion, sorrel or winter cress for a different flavorful salad.

Remember these tips the next time you make a tossed salad!

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